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Global Peace Foundation Kenya Commemorates International Day of Peace 2021 at Langata West Primary School

Global Peace Foundation Kenya Commemorates International Day of Peace 2021

Everyone needs a peaceful home, workplace, country or society to live well and fulfill their daily activities. That’s why United Nations set aside a day to just celebrate and remember the desire to have a peaceful world. This year was not different as organizations and governments carried out actions that will ensure peace is not negotiable.

Tree Planting Exercise at Langata Primary School
Tree Planting Exercise at Langata West Primary School

Global Peace Foundation Kenya, took the initiative to engage the leadership of Langata West Primary School and the pupils in a tree planting exercise as a way of promoting peace, unity and coexistence. The exercise saw a total of 100 tree seedlings planted within the school compound.

The event was graced by the Country Director Mr. Daniel Juma Omondi who stressed on the need to promote peace which he referred to as a general responsibility for everyone. “We at Global Peace Foundation Kenya, believe that peace is not just the absence of war, that’s why we use education as tool to ensure peaceful coexistence.”

Global Peace Foundation Kenya Team at Langata West Primary School

“We have been in the frontline in promoting Character and Creativity in schools with an intention of making education more relevant in the twenty-first century by integrating character and creativity into all aspects of school culture towards the development of the whole person.” Juma said

He also stressed on the need to keep peace in the society, especially in a school like Langata West Primary, which accommodates pupils from different communities in Kenya and called upon everyone to promote environmental protection, by continuously planting new trees in their immediate environment.

Ideally, the tree planting exercise was used to also demonstrate the lowest level in the society where peace should begin to rein through negotiations, forgiveness and understanding.

In most cases pupils can disagree, fight, cry and even refuse to go to school but parents and teachers have to find a way of talking with them and convince them to reconcile or understand the school rules and guidelines.

This can go along way into the real life amongst society tribes and governments of different countries on how to promote peace.

It is also notable that many people, especially those from poor background, are most hit by Covid-19 pandemic effects and need to be encouraged to soldier on with life no matter the difficult circumstances they face.

On the same day, the chapter also hosted a session with representatives from International Education and Resource Network {iEARN} Kenya on Digital News and Media Literacy in line with this year’s International Day of Peace theme dubbed; “Recovering Better for an Equitable and Sustainable World.

International Day of Peace 2021 Panel Discussion Poster

The discussion critically looked at tools of spreading news digitally, how to verify factual stories, handling misinformation, hate speech, cyber bullying and how to avoid spreading information that can cause communal and societal conflict.

To combat stereotyping and hatred which could be spread through social media and other digital communication channels, the session with iEARN also put into perspective the mandatory role of each and every one in avoiding wrong use of the platforms.

These communication channels have been used occasionally to cause havoc in many countries, especially during elections, to insult those with challenges in life and even hurt fellow country men and women.

Mr. David Muya and Ms. Sylvia Njogore, both from iEARN Kenya, gave a fruitful and appealing recommendations which if implemented, will ensure that Kenya and the entire globe remains at peace and that use of modern technology and social media, does not promote insecurity, disharmony and hate.

Convincingly, we should use this year’s International Day of Peace to continue appealing for equitable, just and harmonized society where everyone feels considered and deserves a better life.

We remain committed to strengthening unity and engaging leaders in discussions and activities that bring all Kenyans together, more so at this critical time that the country is preparing for next year’s elections.

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