Our Work.


The Peacebuilding program is a core initiative of the Global Peace Foundation Kenya that is focused on promoting peaceful, harmonious, and inclusive societies in Kenya. The program adopts a values-based approach that emphasizes universal principles and shared values, based on the vision that all humanity is One Family under God.

The program includes several key projects, such as the Prevention of Electoral Violence project in partnership with the National Cohesion and Integration Commission and the Mkenya Daima Initiative under the Kenya Private Sector Alliance. These projects are aimed at promoting peaceful and fair elections, and preventing electoral violence through civic education, advocacy, and community engagement.

The Interfaith and Religious Freedom project is designed to promote interfaith dialogue and understanding, as well as protect the rights of religious minorities. The program also includes the Countering and Prevention of Violent Extremism project in partnership with Epuka Ugaidi and other partners, which seeks to prevent and counter violent extremism by addressing its root causes, promoting dialogue, and building resilient communities.

The Peacebuilding program recognizes the critical role that peace and security play in promoting sustainable development, and is committed to working with partners across all sectors to build a more peaceful and prosperous future for all Kenyans. By promoting universal values and fostering dialogue and understanding, the program is helping to build a more inclusive, harmonious, and resilient society in Kenya

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The Global Peace Foundation provides opportunities and resources for like-minded peacebuilders that emphasize universal principles and shared values as a basis to address conflict, promote equitable and sustainable development, and engage all members of the human family as necessary and valuable contributors to building a culture of peace. Create a positive and impactful change in your area today.