Global Peace Education is a division of Global Peace Foundation that collaborates with educators and change-makers around the world, from the grass roots and national levels to make education relevant to today’s world by preparing students to succeed in the 21st century economy.

This is mainly through Character and the Creativity Initiative (CCI) and Leadership and Entrepreneurship Hubs (Leap Hubs) program. CCI instills values and competencies that prepare the students for leadership roles to enhance ethical societies. The Leap Hubs program on the other hand nurtures the creativity of the students by incubating their business ideas for job creation. The programs model best practices that aim at improving schools’ culture, reduce instances of bullying and other indiscipline cases, promote entrepreneurship skills development and introduce creative teaching methods.

In Kenya, GPE has partnered with the government and community leaders, universities, corporates, principals, teachers, parents and students to empower school-aged youth with essential character, creativity and leadership competencies sought by 21st century employers. Through CCI, these stakeholders come together to deliver a positive impact on social issues and combat negative global trends in youth unemployment.

Since the launch CCI and Leap Hubs in schools across Kenya a lot has been achieved. Schools implementing CCI have demonstrated significant improvement in students’ character, academic performance, and low discipline cases resulting to a positive school culture. This is according to the Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research and Analysis Research report that was launched in the year 2013 by the former Cabinet Secretary for Education, Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi.

To date, Global Peace Foundation runs the Character and Creativity Initiative across 24 schools in 10 counties.