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The Leaphubs Entrepreneurship spaces are designed to provide young people with the skills and resources they need to become successful entrepreneurs and agents of change in their communities. This initiative is aimed at promoting youth-led innovation and entrepreneurship as a means of promoting economic growth and social development. The annual Transforming Education Series and Summits bring together education stakeholders, policymakers, and experts from various fields to discuss critical issues in education and explore innovative solutions for promoting quality education and peacebuilding in Kenya.

The Global Peace Foundation Kenya Education program recognizes the critical role that education plays in promoting peace and sustainable development, and is committed to working with partners to create a brighter future for young people in Kenya.

The Global Peace Foundation Kenya Education program is a flagship initiative that has been running since 2010. The program is focused on leveraging education as a powerful tool for promoting peace and building sustainable societies. Through various initiatives such as Character and Creativity, the Great Places to School, Leaphubs Entrepreneurship spaces, and the annual Transforming Education Series and Summits, the program is committed to creating a more peaceful and prosperous future for young people in Kenya.


The Character and Creativity initiative is designed to foster character development and creativity among students, with the aim of promoting positive values and attitudes that are essential for building peaceful and harmonious communities. The Great Places to School initiative focuses on transforming schools into safe, inclusive, and inspiring learning environments that promote academic excellence and character development.

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The Global Peace Foundation provides opportunities and resources for like-minded peacebuilders that emphasize universal principles and shared values as a basis to address conflict, promote equitable and sustainable development, and engage all members of the human family as necessary and valuable contributors to building a culture of peace. Create a positive and impactful change in your area today.